What we do

Each class is 30 minutes of pre-planned, written and structured activity so there is always movement, excitement and fun!

30-minute classes are divided into four activities.

General activities include:

  • Run and movement—for all sports. Includes footwork and hand/eye skills.
  • Tennis fun—learning racquet/ball contact & technique.
  • Tennis swing technique for ALL shots in the game.
  • Tennis games/skills. Applying technique and having fun playing the game.
  • Slow down/cool down. High fives and lesson plan stickers.


  • Foam tennis balls.
  • Agility ladder, cones other exercise equipment.
  • Koosh balls, tennis balls.
  • Oversized inflatable tennis balls.
  • Strung tennis racquets and foam racquets.
  • QuickStart tennis nets.