How do you get my child to play tennis?

ANSWER: We include all the basics of tennis (hitting a forehand, backhand, serve, volley even overhead smash into fun games and activities that your child will love.

My child is not really good at athletics or lacks hand/eye coordination. Can he or she do this?

ANSWER: After seven years of teaching this program coaches have never found a child who cannot perform our games and activities.

How do I pay for classes?

ANSWER: All payment is done through our web site. Click “register/pay” and you will be charged a monthly fee automatically through your major credit or debit card.

When do I register?

ANSWER: We do not have “sessions.” TopSpin Tennis is an ongoing tennis program that you can enter any time.

Do you make up classes?

ANSWER: Our policy is we make up classes if a coach cannot be present for the class because of an emergency or scheduling issue. We do not make up classes for weather, (outdoors) for schools closures or for child absences.

Will my child actually play tennis?

ANSWER: Children do not begin to play matches or keep score until they are older than five, however we play TopSpin Tennis games that are non-competitive and instruction-based during many classes.

What equipment do I need to supply?

ANSWER: None. We supply everything. We do ask that you supply good supportive, soft-sole shoes for tennis day.