Naomi enjoyed tennis and looked forward to it every Friday. I know she'll miss it but will hold on to everything she has learned.

Thank you for all you do,


Brayden has really enjoyed learning to play tennis with tot start tennis academy. Getting the printed stickers with an update on skills they learned and what they did that day is great for the parents so we can talk about what he learned at tennis that day. He says he wants to continue playing tennis even after he graduates from Pre-K. This has been a great extra-curricular program to participate in.

Shara, S., parent-Tampa

"My daughter enrolled in TotStart Tennis last fall and it was a wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to watch several of her claases, and was happy to see how much fun the kids were having. Coach Matt and his staff have designed engaging activities that help the children learn better hand-eye coordination. The classes are a great way to start your child off with an enthusiastic appreciation of tennis." Tonya S.

Tonya S. Parent (Wesley Chapel)

(My daughter Olivia) LOVED going to tennis – thanks for keeping her on her toes – she definitely is a character – I think your program is wonderful – thank you so much for all your hard work this past year!

Shannon G., parent Tampa, FL

"Coach Matt, my wife and I are so happy to have our son Everet in your program. I have to say that after experiencing the Family Day you had last year, after meeting you and your staff and witnessing first hand all of the activities that our son does on a weekly basis, we came away really impressed and confident that Everet's time in your program is well worth it. To read your list of accomplishments (and those of your staff), we really have to just say thank you so much for devoting your valuable time to the kids.
Thanks to you and your staff our son is getting an early start at developing his athletic skills. We are certainly going to keep tennis in the mix of sports for Everet in the years to come."

Tim F. --Parent

Just wanted you to know, Hudson really is enjoying your lessons. He comes home every Thursday and shows us all that Coach Matt has taught him. We are thrilled that Hudson is participating and really enjoying it.

Shannon K.
Temple Terrace Elementary--School Psychologist

Hello Matt
I got a very enthusiastic call from (toddler) Finley last eve!
I have read your entire website...it's wonderful.
Please keep me in your "loop"
for any event that in which an avid tennis Granny could be included.
Advance notice is always welcome!
I am so impressed with what you offer.
Thanks, Nancy

Nancy R., (grandmother) Tampa

Our 5 year old son has been taking tennis lessons with Coach Matt for the past few months and absolutely loves his experience. He is always eager to come home from to school to tell his about what he worked on during his tennis lesson. We recently went to the Family Tennis Day to showcase the skills he has been working on and the smile on our son’s face was priceless. The experience has been great in developing self confidence as well as great exercise.

Thank you Coach Matt…

John K. (parent) Tampa, FL

I was so impressed when I observed James' first "class" with you! He loves your tennis sessions and I admire your ability to keep the kids engaged and having FUN throughout the lesson!
The stickers after each session are also a great personal touch that I appreciate as a parent!
Thanks again,
Kalani H

Kalani H. (parent), Tampa

"Carlton Academy is proud to have TotStart Tennis as part of our school's extra curricular activities. We have great participation, and our students are so excited learn a new sport - even our teachers want to play! I recommend TotStart to all parents interested in getting their son or daughter involved in a sport not typically designed for 2-5 year olds. You'll be amazed by their abilities!"

Monica Matthews - General Manager
Carlton Academy and Day School, Tampa Florida

Hi Coach Matt!

We wanted to let you know that November will be Harper’s last month of tennis.  The only reason is because we are moving – Harper’s last day at Carlton will be either 11/24 or 11/30.  🙁
She has thoroughly enjoyed tennis and has not only improved her hand-eye coordination, she has also learned about teamwork and playing well with others.  As you probably know, she adores you and Coach Camara and is always excited to tell us about her lesson when we pick her up on Tuesdays. 🙂
Thank you so much for exposing her to the world of tennis!  You and your team have made quite a impact over the past year!
We will be forever thankful,
All the best,
Gayla & J.J.


“Thanks so much. As an aside, Elizabeth adores the class and teaches us all the fun games at home (We played “falling racquets” and “sleeping giants” over the weekend.) We are so glad she is developing a love for the game!”–Ashley, Tampa mom.

Our family is moving to North Carolina…Reina has enjoyed her tennis lessons very much, always showing off her sticker with pride and demonstrating skills she learned in the class. (She especially loves “fast feet!”) If you are aware of a similar program in the Charlotte area please let me know, as I would like for her to build on the skills she has learned so far. –Thank you!–Claudia, mom.


My Grandson, Finley began his group tennis experience when he was 3 w/ Matt’s TotStart Tennis Academy was a good introduction…He learned more focus & had a better attention span when he was four. The coaches were patient & good natured.This year at age 5 I saw his skills & attention improve as the coaches demanded/expected more…The experience is a good one for the overall introduction to a wonderful sport. I thank Matt for his experience. I’ve just been told that you have asked Finn to be in one of your group MINI COURT sessions!


Nancy St. Petersburg, FL
“…Thanks for supplying Carlton Academy with such a great program, Connor has thoroughly enjoyed being part of Totstart Tennis.” –John G. Parent, Tampa.

I am glad to hear Ellie is doing well. She talks about tennis all the time. I grew up playing tennis with my dad…Also, we love the little stickers she gets every week detailing all the cool stuff she got to do. She is so proud of those stickers, we have a place in our house where we post them.


Chris-Tampa Parent


My son has been attending Tennis for a few weeks now and I wanted to send a note to say how GREAT we think it is. He loves it and we find the notes on his back every Monday to be absolutely fantastic. Thanks for doing such a great job with this!

 SALIT — Parent, Vice President  – Operations–Raymond James